What's a nappycake?

Unique, custom Nappy cake - Rugby World Cup New Zealand All Black's themed nappycake

Nappycakes are unique gifts created for the parent(s) of a newborn. Nappycakes (sometimes called baby cakes or diaper cakes) make a stunning centrepiece to a baby shower, and are graciously received by any expecting parent! They get their name from the way they're built - like a cake! These aren't edible - but they're full of great baby items to create a nifty cake gift!

Created with a colour schemed assortment of items, such as a hat, onesies, singlets, scratchie mitts, socks, a blankie, nappies and lots of other handy little items.

We've put time and effort and a lot of love into creating these wonderful gifts, you or your recipient will definitely appreciate the gift! You won't want to unravel one of these custom designed creations!

Take a look at our custom designed nappycake samples by clicking here!

Love this idea so much and you want to give one? Contact nappycakesnz@gmail.com if you want to give a unique nappycake to someone else.

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Cool idea!

Got a workmate who is expecting? Why not get everyone at your work to pitch in towards the cost of a nappycake.

A personalised and unique nappycake designed by us will be the cutest welcoming gift.